Thursday, 5 March 2015

Loving: H&M Activewear

As you might have previously read, I'm focusing on being more active lately. It's not that I want to lose any weight, it's just that I'd like to be able to run for more than 30 seconds without losing my breath and feeling like I'm going to die. My main aim of keeping fit is to build up more muscle and have a bit more definition to my body. 
Through the course of my blog I will be writing about my development and I will be posting photos and quite possibly videos of my fitness routine. If this is something you guys would be interested in seeing, let me know and I'll make more effort to write posts of this style.
Since I have made an effort to be more active, I thought why not treat myself to more active-wear? I didn't want to splurge out on anything expensive like Nike or Adidas so I thought I'd head to the highstreet. H&M have a lovely sportswear range with loads of different items specific to the type of activity you're doing, such as yoga-specific, running-specific and outdoor-specific. I brought a lovely low support sports bra (which I'm pictured in above) for £12.99, this patterned sports top for £7.99 and these sports tights for £14.99. I love all these items, they fit perfectly and they serve the purpose for the type of fitness I do. 
All I need now is a good pair of trainers. Any recommendations?

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