Thursday, 21 May 2015

My First Year of University

Yesterday I sat my last exam in my first year of University and I thought I'd write a little post about my university experience so far. 
In case you didn't know, I study psychology at Birmingham City University. But, this wasn't my original plan. I studied English Language, Classical studies and Psychology at A level. I formerly applied to study Ancient History and sent my application to three Universities and I got acceptance places from all three as long as I got the grades I needed. I needed ABB for the University of Birmingham and I needed BBB for Cardiff University. I knew the university of Birmingham was a bit of a long shot because I wasn't expecting to get an A as I've never really been that clever. 
It came to results day and I was actually on holiday in Burnham-on-sea with my ex-boyfriend and his family at the time. I woke up early to check UCAS and I found out I didn't get into either of my universities and I got BBC in my A levels. Long story short, I was devastated. I was stuck on my choice on studying Ancient History so I rang round loads of universities to try and apply through clearing, in which I got no luck. Until I got a call from my Mom who went to pick up my A level results, and she told me that I got a few marks of an A in my psychology A level and I started to think that maybe psychology was a better course for me to study as I did pretty well in A level. I was definite that I wanted to stay local to home as I don't like being away from my family. So I applied through clearing to study psychology at Birmingham City University and I was told on the phone straight away that my application was successful and that BCU was where I would be studying in September. I was still a little sceptical as even though I was good at it, I never really enjoyed psychology in sixth form but I thought that if I didn't like it, I could drop out and maybe take a gap year. 
When I started University, I immediately loved the course. I find a lot of the topics we study really interesting and I now know that I want to go into the area of Forensic Psychology for further study. So far I have done quite well in all my modules, getting 1st's in all of them except one. Although I enjoyed the course, the social aspect was not as positive. As I live at home, I commute to University every day so everyone that lives in accommodation had already made friends with each other so in the first few months it was really difficult to make friends as I only saw people in lectures in seminars. But, I made friends with one of the guys in my seminar group and he is now my best friend. He invited me out with him and his flat mates and I made friends with all of them, some more than others, and I now feel really involved and they are all my really good friends. As I didn't experience freshers last year because I had no one to go with, I am really excited to go with all my friends in September at the start of our second year, The first year of university has gone so quickly and I will miss all of my friends over Summer! 
Here are a few photos from my first year at University.

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